All of our travel documents are in PDF format. To view these documents you will need a version of Adobe Reader installed on your machine.

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Certificate of Usage: download document
This document must be completed and received by Centrav at time of purchase of a Missionary/Humanitarian fare. Failure to do so may delay ticketing with a subsequent price increase.

Unaccompanied Minor Program: download document
This document lists the airlines that allow Centrav to sell net fares for unaccompanied minor travel and the rules associated with unaccompanied minor travel.
Credit Card Payment and Purchase Agreement: download document
This form is required to be signed and faxed (800-255-6138) each time you make a purchase via Centrav's Call Center.

Online Credit Card Payment Terms: download document
This document outlines the terms you agree to when you make a credit card purchase online.

DPA Registration: download document
Fax this form in once to register your agency to purchase by Direct Payment. Once registered, you can use the DPA Authorization form below to pay for future transactions by electronic deduction from your account. Agency owner/managers are allowed to place limits on who can use Direct Payment to make purchases.

DPA Authorization: download document
Fax this form in each time you guarantee by Direct Payment. One authorization form is sent in for each booking or group of related bookings. Or, you can set your agency up to allow online guarantee with no fax follow-up required!
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