Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. CC Max commission - what is it? How do I charge more than the limit?
Q. How do I change my flights after it is booked?
Q. How do I get an E ticket confirmation?
Q. How do I book a stopover?
Q. How do I get different flights than what is offered?
Q. How do I book an infant?
Q. How do I book an Unaccompanied Minor?
Q. How do I apply payment to my booking?
Q. Can I queue over a booking?
Q. When will my commission check be sent?
Q. Can my client fly into one city and return from another?
Q. How do I add frequent flyer numbers?
Q. What about seat assignments?
Q. How do I get my logo to show on the Client Receipt?
Q. How do I protect my commission in case of a cancel/refund?
Q. Is my markup hidden or does it show as a separate charge on the credit card statement?
Q. How do I book a complex, multi-stop itinerary?
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